What have clients said about our legal services?  These are a few unsolicited letters and cards sent to us after completion of their cases.

“Dear Eric,
It occurred to me I have never expressed my gratitude for all the hard work you have done on my behalf.  I appreciate that this is your profession and you are being paid for your work but you have the charisma and ability to create an environment of safety, respect and trust that is so vital to your clients.  You may never know the value of your consistent, calm and supportive manner during the past two years of my claim.  I know, without question, you have done the best job possible for me.  Whatever the outcome with Hartford, I know God’s hand has guided you and protected me.  Please know I would be honored to provide a recommendation for your service as a lawyer and your compassion as a human being.” Carolann S.

“Thank you Eric. Thank you for all of your help with my claim.” Sincerely, Nikki G.

“Dear Mr. Nelson,
I just want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me last week.  I felt much relieved regarding my settlement with —–.  I really appreciate your kind advice.  Sincerely and Best Wishes to You”

“Dear Eric,
Thank you for handling my case.  You did a fine job! We came out with a happy ending, which of course always nice.  I wanted to let you know I appreciated your work.”

“I love you guys! (and gals)  Thank you! You folks are the best!”  Kimberly B.

“Eric Nelson, Thanks for everything!”  Elizabeth L.

Other testimonials by clients placed on internet attorney review websites:

“My case for personal injury was one that was tough to prove as my personal work history is unique and complicated. Eric was professional and kept me focused through the process of reaching a settlement while preparing me for a possible trial. Thankfully, we settled graciously and reasonably so that I could get on with my life! As always, I will send Eric my referrals as he is a trustworthy attorney and friend. Thank you Eric!”  Lisa A.

The following are unsolicited letter of appreciation from other attorneys and colleagues:

“Dear Eric,
Congratulations on your listing as a Super Lawyer.  Of all the assets of Pepperdine University School of Law, by far the greatest would be our alumni.  It is most gratifying to see a growing number recognized by their peers as having distinguished and elevated themselves far above the norm.  Please know how very proud we are of your accomplishments, and for the well-deserved outstanding professional reputation that you have built.”  Ronald F. Phillips – Pepperdine University Senior Vice Chancellor & School of Law Dean Emeritus

“Dear Eric,
Thank you so much for meeting with me and answering my questions for my first trial.  I know how valuable your time is, so I am very grateful that you were willing to share your lunch hour with a complete stranger.  Warm Regards.” Naomi Kim, Washington attorney

“Eric was one of the class action plaintiffs in a case against one of the largest court reporting firms in the Northwest. As a result of his work, every litigant who paid for court reporting services over four-year period obtained the right to reimbursement of overcharges by the court reporting firm.”  Lee Burdette, Washington attorney


(the names are redacted to protect the confidentiality of our clients):

Products Liability Case: Products liability case involving a defective throttle on a Polaris 4-wheel recreational vehicle. Jury Verdict for $575,926.53.

Motorcycle Accident and Products Liability Claim.  Our client was riding a motorcyle and was struck by a car that was turning left in front of him.  There was nothing our client could do to avoid the collision except lay the bike down.  Unfortunately for our client, his bike being totaled was the least of his problems.  He received multiple fractures requiring emergency surgery and also sustained brain damage as a result of his helmet coming off during the collision despite having it properly strapped on.  We sued the driver of the car and collected the maximum amount of his insurnace limits.  We also sued the American company that designed the helmet based on a products liability action for defective design of the helmet.  Under Washington Law, products liability statute allowed us to sue the retailer that sold the helmet as well.  Despite the design company filing for bankruptcy, under a theory of fraud and deciept, we managed to obtain a $750,000 settlement with the company.   We didn’t stop there though.  We also sued the manufacturer, who happened to be the Peoples Republic of China!  Despite numerous legal obstacles, first and foremost being sovereign immunity (basically you cannot sue other countries), we were able to negotiate a settlement of over $100,000 from the People’s Republic of China.  As with that case, we will make sure to investigate and pursue every angle of a case to ensure that justice is done for our clients.

Slip & Fall Accident: $400,000 slip and fall case vs. City of Seattle. Shattered elbow.

Dog Bite Injury: Pit Bull mauled a young girl.  $300,000 settlement.

Pedestrian Accident: $250,000 for pedestrian hit in crosswalk – fractured foot.

Pedestrian Accident – Obtaining Personal Assets When Not Enough Insurance: We repersented an older woman who was struck by a car while crossing the street.  The eldery woman driving the car didn’t realize she had hit our client and continued driving, dragging our client about 30 feet down the road.  Our client sustained permanent brain damage and was need of long-term care. We obtained the automobile insurance liability policy limits from the at-fault driver and policy limits from the underinsured motorist coverage.  However, we didn’t stop there.  We also pursued the at-fault driver personally (because her policy limits were not adequate to fully compensate our client) and we negotiated a confidential lump sum amount of money that was paid personally by the at-fault driver.

Trucking Injury Accident: T-bone collision on open highway with after a harvesting tractor negligently turned left in front of our clients.  Settlement for $500,000.

Bicycle collision: T-bone collision with pickup truck in South Seattle.  Fractured forearm. $160,000 settlement.

Rear-end collision: On Highway 2 in Snohomish County.  Neck and back injuries.  $140,000 settlement..

Construction Site Accident: Negligent operation of a forklift causing severed fingertip.  Settlement for $55,750.

Rear-end Collision Car Accident: On I-5 in Seattle.  Neck and back injuries.  Settlement for $72,500.

At Nelson Injury Law, we handle all types of cases whether the injuries are large or small.  The following are only a few of the many examples of Arbitration Awards and other awards where we obtain much more than the insurance company’s last offer:

Smith v. Becker: Defendant truck collided into the side of client’s vehicle in Burien. Arbitration Award of $21,007.07.   Zurich Insurance company’s last offer was $15,637.00.

Duque v. Schroeder: Defendant turned left in front of client’s vehicle causing a T-bone collision on Aurora Avenue North.  Defendant claimed 50% comparative negligence.  Arbitration award of $34,090.27 with no comparative negligence awarded.  One Beacon Insurance Company’s last offer was $20,000.

Bussman v. Rivas: Collision in an uncontrolled intersection on a residential street in Seattle.  Defendant claimed she was in the intersection first and therefore, was not at fault.  Arbitration award of $15,575.00 with no contributory negligence.  Farmers Insurance Company’s last offer was $8,000.