Personal Injury FAQ’s

Get to a place of safety. After a car accident (or a motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident), stop and pull over to the side of the road to avoid obstructing traffic. Tend to injuries and avoid further injuries by staying away from traffic.

Call the authorities. A car accident should be reported to the proper authorities as soon as possible. Call 911 to get seriously injured people immediate medical attention as quickly as possible.

Gather evidence. Talk to witnesses at the scene of the accident and get their contact information. Pay close attention to how witnesses phrase their statements, and write down what you can. Even better, ask if you may record their statements on your cell phone – many of which have video recording functions. Take photos if you can, even if your only camera is a cell phone camera. Photographic evidence is difficult to dispute later on.

See a doctor. Keep records of all prescriptions and treatment you receive for your car accident injuries. Always remember you have the right to see the doctor of your choice. Don’t let the insurance adjustor choose one for you.

Call your insurance company as soon as you file your police report. If you delay reporting your car accident, this could damage your future case.

Call a lawyer. The Seattle car accident attorneys at Nelson Injury Law are committed to fighting for car accident victims. They have successfully defended many victims throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas, recovering millions in damages, even in cases other attorneys refused to take.

Avoid speaking to any insurance adjustors. Allow an experienced car accident attorney at our firm to communicate with insurance adjustors on your behalf. Insurance adjustors may not act in your best interests and it is important to have an accident lawyer that understands how the process works and looks out for you in this tough situation.

There are many important reasons to utilize the services of an auto accident attorney. Perhaps the most compelling reason to use a car accident attorney is that there is no cost to the client: at Nelson Injury Law, the client pays absolutely no attorney’s fees if there is no recovery. The law firm only collects a fee if it secures compensation for the client.

In a typical car accident, a person will be dealing with the other party’s insurance company to seek compensation for damages. It is in the best interests of that insurance company to offer you the least amount possible for your damages. Working with an experienced attorney gives you much more leverage when negotiating with a large insurance company, which often results in higher compensation in a shorter amount of time.

Auto accident lawyers also know exactly what evidence is necessary to establish your case and can advise you on the best course of action for you to take.

Additionally, a car accident lawyer can advise you on whether there are potentially any additional responsible parties from whom you can seek compensation – including your own car insurance company – if you have been in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Speak directly with an experienced Seattle car accident lawyer at Nelson Injury Law to learn more about your rights. The call is 100% free and confidential. 206-812-8000.

Personal injury cases are complicated legal matters. An experienced personal injury attorney like Eric Nelson of Nelson Injury Law has 24 years of experience navigating clients through the complex Washington legal system. Your unique case will be fully investigated, evidence gathered, and the correct action undertaken to preserve your rights and obtain maximum compensation. This may include negotiating with insurance carriers, submitting to arbitration or mediation, and even proceeding with a full lawsuit and going to trial.

When working with an attorney at Nelson Injury Law, you won’t pay any attorney’s fees out of pocket. Our firm only collects a fee if we earn it – by securing compensation for our clients. Coping with a serious injury or wrongful death situation is difficult enough. Allow an aggressive, experienced personal injury litigator to manage your case on your behalf. Call 206-812-8000 to speak with personal injury attorney at Nelson Injury Law or contact us here.

We use a multitude of products every day. When we purchase and use things, it is reasonable to expect that they are free from defects and fit for their stated purpose. When a defect directly or indirectly causes injury, a person may have a personal injury claim.

As with all serious injuries, it is important to seek medical attention right away. It is also important to document the injuries soon after they happen in order to make a record of the extent of the harm. Be sure to retain as much of the defective product as feasible for evidentiary purposes. If you were in a bicycle accident, for example, where a piece broke off of the bicycle, causing injury, be sure to preserve the bicycle and the piece that broke off, if possible.

Every situation is unique. Given the wide range of products and different scenarios in which they can cause injury, it is important to speak with a products liability attorney to find out the best thing to do in your specific situation. Call Seattle products liability attorney Eric Nelson at Nelson Injury Law for a free consultation about your defective product case or contact us here. 206-812-8000.

There is no set formula to determine how much a person may be entitled to in a personal injury case. Be wary of insurance adjusters who try to claim otherwise by showing you supposed industry formulas. A case is ultimately worth what the parties agree to or what a court determines. This all revolves around numerous variables, including the extent of the injuries suffered, corresponding pain and suffering, chronic or ongoing effects from the injuries, work lost or diminished, amount of property damage, and so on.

An insurance company will try to minimize your injuries and damages to settle on a figure to its liking. In order to receive fair compensation, it is critical that you have an aggressive advocate fighting on your behalf. Contact us or call 206-812-8000 to speak with personal injury attorney Eric Nelson of Nelson Injury Law who can answer your questions in a free, confidential consultation about your case.

An injury is more than just a broken bone and the cost of medical care to fix it. Pain and suffering is an umbrella term that refers to all of the other compensable aspects of an injury. This may include pain, discomfort, emotional distress and mental anguish related to the injury. In some cases, medical care alone will not restore a person to his or her original condition. Pain and suffering damages may try to compensate that person for ongoing rehabilitation or disability as well as any chronic pain related to the original injury.

Depending on the specific injury, pain and suffering damages can be equal to if not more than the underlying medical costs. An experienced personal injury attorney will assess not only your medical expenses and damages, but also any related pain and suffering damages, and fight for the full measure of compensation you are due.

To discuss your personal injury case with an experienced lawyer, contact us or call 206-812-8000.

Most personal injury cases do not go all the way to trial. When an experienced attorney is involved, the parties can often settle on fair terms far before a trial is necessary. However, in cases where a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, it is important to have an aggressive attorney like Eric Nelson of Nelson Injury Law advocating on your behalf. Not only do the personal injury attorneys of Nelson Injury Law have the necessary resources to push your personal injury case forward without delay, but Eric S. Nelson has a stellar record of over 19 years of success handling personal injury cases.

An attorney should fully discuss the merits of settling your case whenever an offer is made. However, you should weigh your decision especially carefully in any situation where you have not yet ascertained the full extent of your damages. In such cases, it is highly probable that you may require ongoing medical care. When this variable remains unknown, it is wise not to settle. Ongoing injuries can also affect your long-term ability to work. Until these very important factors can be fully considered in light of your ability to both live and work, you should refrain from settling your personal injury case.  Contact or call at 206-812-8000 a personal injury attorney at Nelson Injury Law to discuss your case.

The short answer to this question is “yes.” In a personal injury case, a person who is negligent is only responsible for damages caused by his or her negligence. Previous injuries can make it difficult to prove how much of a person’s current injury was caused by a negligent party.

This certainly does not preclude recovery, however. An experienced lawyer understands the level of documentation and evidence necessary to support an injury claim. This is why it is critical that you speak to an attorney as soon after an accident as reasonably possible in order to take actions that help record the severity and extent of a current injury for later proof.

To discuss your personal injury case with a veteran personal injury attorney, call 206-812-8000 for a free consultation. Be sure to explain any previous injuries in order for the lawyer to fully assess your rights.

The reasons for this are many. Many car accident victims try to handle car accident claims on their own.  The problem with this is they are placing a lot of trust in hoping insurance companies will have their best interest in mind.  The insurance company is only interested in making a profit for its shareholders and its job is to minimize your injuries and pay you as little as possible, if anything at all.  At Nelson Injury Law, our car accident attorneys in Seattle have strong interest in helping our clients.   To discuss your case with a personal injury attorney click here:  Car Accident Attorney Seattle

Dealing with insurance companies, trials, cost of a lawyer.  What should I do? Do I need to go to court?  Should I speak with my insurance company?  To have your questions answered directly by an attorney, contact us at 206-812-8000 or click here: Nelson Injury Law.